Cupping Therapy

Cupping has been used in China for thousands of years. It is most often used in the treatment of pain, but is also indicated for colds and flus, cellulite reduction, digestive issues, and increasing lymphatic flow and drainage. Think of cupping as the inverse of a massage. Rather than pressing and kneading out tissue, cupping therapy uses suction for a similar result. A glass or plastic cup is placed overtop of the skin, and a hand pump or flame is used to evacuate air. This suction causes the expansion of blood vessels and the breakage of small capillaries beneath the skins surface, resulting in purple or red markings. The cups are then left stationary or slid along the skins surface with the application of oil. The suctioning action of the cups resolves adhesions between the skin, fascia, and muscle layers that often cause pain and restrict range of motion. The colours of the markings change depending on the level of circulation beneath the skins surface, so it's a great diagnostic tool as well. Cupping has also been proven to trigger an increase of white blood cells- a great way to help your body boost its immune system!

*Please note the markings may take 3-7 days to clear up, and if you would like this therapy specifically, let us know at the time of your acupuncture booking and we can add it to your treatment.