Guasha (Gwa-sha)

Guasha (gwa-shaa) is translated into English as "skin scraping." Although this therapy sounds very painful, it has immense healing properties that are often worth the few seconds of discomfort. After applying a small amount of oil to the area of pain, a blunt object with rounded corners is used to scrape over the area to purposely break capillaries until petechia appear. Petechia is essentially bleeding under the skin from the breakage of capillaries (red area in photo to the left). This scraping action of the tool over the skin breaks up knots, adhesions, and scar tissue in the muscle and fascial layers resulting in immediate pain reduction, increased range of motion, and an increase in blood flow and lymphatic drainage. It has recently become very popular amongst skin care professionals to be lightly used on the face for its anti-ageing effects. Similar to cupping, this therapy has been proven to boost the immune system, so in addition to pain reduction and its anti-ageing effects, it's great for colds and flus too!


*Please note the markings may take 3-7 days to clear up, and if you would like this therapy specifically, let us know at the time of your acupuncture booking and we can add it to your treatment.