Chinese Herbal Medicine

and Diet Therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for an estimated 5000+ years and is a complex medical system comprised of specific diagnosis and treatment of disease. This system is very different from Western medicine, and views the human body as not separate from the mind or environment. It views the human body as a whole system of interconnected and interacting parts, which is a different approach from western medicine. It observes the interactions between the organ systems, mind, body, environment, diet, and lifestyle to understand what may be the cause of a dis-ease. It is a precise and intricate system of diagnosis and treatment that has undergone thousands of years of empirical clinical trials, as well as modern western clinical trials.

There are thousands of herbal medicines and food combinations within Chinese Medicine to choose from that are customized to your unique situation and state of imbalance. Think of Chinese herbal medicine just like you would western herbal teas, tinctures, or supplements- the only difference is these were formulated in China and are a few thousand years older. The herbal formulas or food supplementations are categorized  by their flavour, temperature (warming or cooling), and which corresponding organs they may boost or drain depending on the diagnosis. This is a great treatment combined with acupuncture!